Driveway Sealing

Long driveway with sealcoating

Making Asphalt Last Longer

Living in Northern Michigan your driveway can be subjected to harsh cold and extreme heat, these conditions can break down the asphalt much faster than other climates. You can make it last longer if you seal it at least once every 2-3 years. It’s a great way to make sure you are taking good care of your driveway, this way it will last for many years.

Driveway sealing will help to make your existing drive look more appealing even if it’s already a little damaged. Some cracks are inevitable on an asphalt driveway, but with some expert repairs, we can make your driveway look almost like new again. Our Seal Master sealant will sit on top of the driveway and act as a barrier to prevent water, fluids, salt, and chemicals from causing more damage to it.

If your drive doesn’t see a lot of traffic or you live in a southern part of the country, then you will be able to get away with sealing your driveway once every three or four years. For us Northern Michigan people who live in areas with colder winters, it is necessary to seal the driveway as often as every year to two years.

A brand new driveway cannot be sealed right away – it’s best to wait around three months for the asphalt to fully ‘cure’ before we can seal it.

Hire a professional seal coating expert; it can be a relatively big job, and it will take some time. Professionals also help you from getting your hands dirty and filling in the cracks in your driveway yourself.

Another benefit of having a professional seal your driveway is that they will know what products are best to use on your driveway, especially in our area – so you’ll get protection against cold/heat/snow/ice or whatever else is likely to do damage to your driveway.

The seal coating process:

  1. Preparation: We clean the edges and cracks with a wire wheel, this will not damage the asphalt, but gently cleans out the debris!
  2. Cleaning: We use a 10hp blower and steel wire brush to remove all sand, dirt, pebbles, and oils.
  3. Crack Repair: We fill the cracks with a 350-degree hot rubber fill, this seeps into the cracks and creates a seal to help prevent the cracks progression.
  4. The Sealant: We use a 36-inch synthetic broom to spread the Seal Master sealant compound to every corner of the asphalt area. The sealer is a coal tar compound with latex and rubber additives to create a strong barrier.
  5. Texture: We use sand to create add durability and safety. This rough texture allows for better traction walking and increases the life of the sealer.

We take pride in our work because at the end of the day the job speaks for itself!