Parking Lot Striping

parking lot striping for a restaurantA Quick Look At Parking Lot Striping

There is an assumption among many business owners who operate premises with parking lots, that parking lot striping is only done for safety purposes and enhance orderly parking. However, there is more to striping a parking lot than the safety aspect. Granted that the entire stripping process is done with the safety of parking lot users in mind, other purposes of stripping also come into play.

Among such purposes, that parking lot striping serves to include the providing first impressions for your businesses. The parking lot is the first part of many businesses premises that customers, clients and business partners and affiliates encounter when they visit your business.

With this in mind, you can appreciate the role that the parking lots play in yielding the first impressions. A properly striped parking lot emanates an aura of organization and more often than not, such a parking lot is attractive.

For business owners and operators who are looking to make their parking lot organized, safe and appealing, we offer professional parking lot striping. The first step is determining and planning for traffic flow in your parking lot and implementing your plan. We can help with this process and make sure your parking lot is set up properly for your customers.

We offer our services on demand, and we can schedule to suit your needs. This allows you to conduct your business as you normally would, and enable us to stripe when your customers are not coming in and out of the drive way.

The Prices Of Parking Lot Striping

The cost of striping a parking lot is dependent on the several factors, including;

  1. The Size Of Parking Lot
  2. The Type Of Stripping Service – either you want a new layout, re-striping over faded strips or re-striping over seal coated surface.
  3. Other Project Costs – the cost of moving equipment, labor, the companies overhead costs and other related costs.


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